“Just do it! Start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can.”

#riseandshine #savepmb #reclaimpmb #LovePMB

They say, ‘money makes the world go round', and while we definitely need funds for our brand-new NPC, we believe that ‘love for PMB’ along with passion, time and energy is the most significant investment needed to save our city right now. It is a unique revolution, and our weapon is community love. Imagine if a hundred thousand PMB people rose to the challenge? We would achieve a beautiful victory.

Partner with KPCA:

Citizen and Business Partnerships:

We each have unique talents, skills and resources. KPCA is looking for community champions and captains in business to initiate and participate in:

*Recycling programmes
*Paint, Repair, Plant and beautification projects.

While KPCA would love to support all efforts to make PMB clean, neat, beautiful and green. It must be understood that to save our city, the PMB community/business must RISE to ‘OWN IT’ and ‘RUN’ with it to sustain it. Please contact us to discuss your plans.

Creative Partnerships:

Creatives are leading the way. Whether it be photographs, artworks, murals, mosaics, gardens, knitted and sewn items, it is exciting to see how artists and craftivists are RISING to INSPIRE us to reclaim our city. We invite creatives in our community, business and schools to join KPCA’s ‘Ellie Trail,’ and to fully embrace our 2024 Campaign: “PMB, IT’S TIME TO RISE & SHINE.”

Financial Partnerships:

We need your support. While KPCA is dedicated to the noble cause of revitalizing our cityscape we can't do it alone, and we certainly can’t do it without resources. We need your support on specific projects, and for our umbrella campaigns. Please email us for KPCA’s banking details.

Please note we have transitioned from an Association to an NPC called the KPCA Group (Keep PMB Clean Action Group). NPC Registration: 2023/199648/08 NPO Registration: 300-468. We have made an application for Tax Exemption and are awaiting a response from SARS.

Examples of gifted citizens who responded to KPCA’s Call in 2023:

• Burkhard Schlosser, an award-winning photographer, toured the city with KPCA, and his stunning photographs not only stand as a historic record, but they empowered KPCA’s message to be featured in the local and national media, and to go viral on social media.

• Siyabonga Musi a well-known PMB artist, dedicated a stunning painting to KPCA. It records the historic movement of restoration taking place in our city. He then went on to paint the iconic Chatterton Road Bridge mural with sponsorship from Save Hyper.

• Rose Day, a passionate crafter, took rejected concrete pipes and transformed them into beautiful bins for our “Victory on Victoria Road Team’. She is looking at sharing her skills with others in a workshop setting.

• Gary Clarke created a stunning pop-art poster which called our city to team-up to clean-up. We also used his photographs of the City Hall in our “It’s Time for PMB Anniversary Campaign”.

• Dr Liz Thomson called for 185 knitted or sewn elephants to celebrate PMB’s 185th Anniversary. We were blown away when the ‘Ellie Ladies’ like the incredible Julie Ferreira, made 262 elephants for KPCA. They were featured on celebratory anniversary wreaths, trees and went on an anniversary ‘Ellie Trail’ to our historic City Hall and KZN Museum. Ultimately, 220 went to children in PMB clinics while the remaining herd of larger Ellies were set aside for KPCA’s education programme.

• Jan Hankey, Pam Read and the ‘Clough Street Team’ have a’ blooming wonderful take on the old ‘adopt a spot’ concept. Guerilla gardening is the trend.